Executive Search & Recruitment

Attracting the best talents is crucial to contribute to the growth, transformation and sustainability of small and large companies. It is not only a question of selecting individuals, but also of having the right team able to face together challenges of today and tomorrow.

WeLithe maintains a long lasting relationship with candidates and clients in order to meet their mutual expectations. 

Our methodology is very structured. An initial discussion enable us defining your needs, make a clear market mapping,  continue with the interview of the best candidates, conclude with a final selection and hire the ideal candidate. This process is intended to be both smooth and adaptable as needed.

Human Strategy & Assessment

WeLithe contributes to a more stable and sustainable human management for your company thanks to a tailor-made approach. We can offer services such as:
– Assessment of talents within your company or those you have identified to join your team,
– Improvement of the recruitment process in place within your company.

Having an objective and external analysis will allow you to take the best decisions with a long-term perspective.

Diversity and Inclusion 

To support the changes that companies are currently facing, WeLithe offers a service dedicated to diversity.

Our recruitment and consultancy approach will take into account your current situation and will propose to diverse your team in terms of professional experience, nationality, culture, age, gender, personality, but also in terms of communication style, ideas and opinions.

A complementary team promotes better decisions, better creativity and improves business profitability on a long-term base.